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* Best Fuchsia plant competition.
 Your babies now handsome plants were judged at the show.   

 Dot Hall, the presenter and winner of the Tom Hall cup with Sponsors Jeremy and Michael Hopley of Hopley’s Farm Shop

Pictured at our  AGM
Ursula and Derrick.

 Ursula was presented by our new Chairman with a lovely bouquet for her outstanding &
long-term service to the Club   

* Discount seeds and other items now available at Cooks, just ask one of the committee for details

*Our Main Event the Annual Show was last held in August 2019 at St. Georges Hall . As usual the event was a great success.  Some of the displays were spectacular. Please see further down this page for photos of the entries and the winners.  

Having missed out this year (2020) lets hope we can have our show this yer (2021) and we all have a great gardening year.

* 28th April Garden Visit to 24 Alexander Ave near in Droitwich     
What a lovely garden!  Mali Terry, the owner, has worked lovingly on her garden for many years and what a result. Thank you to Meg for organising this trip.  Here’s some pictures we took…

Click this box to read Stuart’s newsletter regarding our activities for the next 8 months.

Dear All,           15th AUGUST  2020

Just as a reminder today is the day of our cancelled Annual Show. Who would have thought that a bit of a cough starting halfway across the world in China in January could have such a continuing and devastating effect and stopped our show. So while we’re at home enjoying the heat and not working hard in St George’s Hall what are we going to be doing as a Society? The Committee had a virtual meeting last week to sort out a plan. Because there is no clear end to the pestilence, no eradication, no vaccine that’s tested and reliable, no method of identifying silent carriers and the flu season approaching we have to think very seriously about risk to everyone. Inviting all of our members to sit in a possible soup of hostile viruses at a monthly meeting seems very risky to health. If we hold meetings would we have sufficient attendance to cover the cost of Hall hire and Speaker fees? Finally we concluded cancelling further meetings until the spring is the safest option for all of us. We will review the situation in March so that we could possibly reconvene in April, it’s our hope this will be possible.

In the meanwhile thanks to everyone who’s contributed photos of their gardening achievements to Tony to put on our website. There’s a lot of green fingers out there. Please keep sending them in for inclusion. Don’t forget we’re happy to post gardening tips and recipes of favourite dishes for all to share and enjoy.

In the meanwhile I’ll continue to send advice and help from the RHS and other sources. Please keep reading, contributing and gardening. Stay well, stay safe and look forward to next April. All good wishes,


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Dear Members,       New Year Message  –   January 2021

Well, firstly a Happy New Year to you all from the Committee, horrible 2021 is now behind us and the future looks a lot brighter.

So, despite everything we’re still here and light shines from the end of the tunnel with the advent of several vaccines. So, let’s hope that the waiting list is not a lengthy one (all good so far!) and we can all have our shots and then be on the road to recovery.

Looking back we’ve had global epidemics every few decades, I wasn’t around for the Spanish Flu but have recall on both Hong Kong and Asian flu’s and when you think of those in other species swine and birds they all eventually are stopped or go away.

Hopefully you have all missed our monthly meetings and have found some interest in the various bits and pieces circulated via email. We have to thank Tony for keeping the website up to date. It’s certainly been a bonus where we have been able to share collective pictures of fine gardens over the summer and keep up a bit of dialogue.  

Needless to say the summer was in itself a big bonus, most of us will never had so much time and opportunity to devote ourselves and energy to gardens and allotments. Clearly from viewing our pictures and walking around Town just about everybody has benefitted from their garden space for interest and relaxation.

Looking forward I’ve prospectively booked St George’s Hall for the Summer Show in the hope and expectation we might be able to go ahead. Of course the way ahead is not clear yet, we have to wait until sufficient people are immunised for society to recommence and then of course as all of this is experimental there is no certainty as to how long immunity will last. The important thing to do is have the vaccination when offered and any follow ups required.

The uncertainty of planning may well change how and when we can reform and what we’re able to do at that time, all we can say is watch this space or check your emails.

I hear that Jan and Megan have already started talking to guest speakers to organise the year’s calendar of talks and events so that when somebody says it’s safe to go ahead we can resume life and our Society as soon as possible.

So, we can look forward to a better 2021 and a Happy New Year in the hope of restoring a near normal reality, seeing relations, friends and joining our community again.

Please keep safe, follow the ever-changing rules, “hands, face, space” and look forward to meeting together again sometime next year.

All good Seasonal wishes to all,

Megan, Jan, Shirley, Ruth, Ivan and Stuart

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